Shed Transformation
Posted On: 12-16-2016
Playtime is important to our children’s development, especially imaginative play. When your children need more space to play than your home offers, here’s a solution: turn your old garden shed into a playhouse! (Or, if you don’t have one, you could always consider adding a new outdoor structure to your property!) The ideas are as endless as you and your child’s/children’s imagination. First,...
Shed Transformation
Posted On: 12-02-2016
We work hard, and there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done, whether at the office or around the house. But despite how busy our lives are, we can’t forget to take time for ourselves. Time to unwind and escape that hustle and bustle—or even a noisy TV in the living room. We’ve all heard the term “man cave”—but what about a relaxing, backyard respite for women? With a...
Garage Door Maintenance Tips
Posted On: 11-29-2016
Garages are a versatile amenity to have attached to your home. They provide a safe place to park your vehicles—and to keep them out of the rain and snow. They also can give you a storage area for equipment, tools, and household items. Finally, they can serve as a workshop, as a play room, and as a hang-out spot. With all these options, it’s easy to see how garage doors can get an incredible about...
Fall Clean-up Tips
Posted On: 11-15-2016
As the seasons change, so do our household to-do lists. Fall brings the harvest, fun holidays and family gatherings, all things pumpkin and apple, and, of course, the changing of the leaves in many areas of the country. Those leaves, however, contribute to most of the autumn chores. Here are some tips for outside fall clean-up: Mow Your Grass: Before you put the lawnmower away for the season,...
Window and Door Maintenance Tips for Your Outdoor Structure
Posted On: 11-01-2016
You go in and out of your doors countless times, and you likely peer out the window just as often. But how often do you think about taking care of your entry ways and windows? Here are a few tips to keep them in tip-top shape. Windows Over time your windows’ frames can collect dust and debris, the panes can become streaked, and hardware can experience wear and tear. Give them some TLC once a year...