5 of the Coolest Shed Playhouses Ever
Posted On: 03-20-2017
What child doesn't dream of having a playhouse away from the routine of everyday life? Turning an outdoor shed into an oasis for your child’s imagination is possible at any budget. Research shows that unsupervised and unstructured play results in emotionally sounds adults. A playhouse promotes physical activity, group play, and creativity.   These shed playhouses will have your kids, or maybe...
Crazy Spaces: 7 Strange And Unique Uses of Storage Structures
Posted On: 03-15-2017
Backyard storage structures aren’t just for lawnmowers anymore. A storage structure could provide an entire room right in your backyard. There are many strange and unique ways in which people are transforming storage structures into dream worthy spaces. Many of these unique uses for storage structures require customization such as electrical work, so definitely check with a local contractor to...
New Year’s Resolutions: Top 10 Tips for Owning a Storage Structure
Posted On: 01-16-2017
As a new year begins, often we try to implement new and better habits. That can be applied to many areas of our life, including how we care for our property. In this blog post, we’ll share some top tips about outdoor structure ownership.  Choose a good location. Find level ground for your shed. This is literally the foundation of proper maintenance. Paint your unfinished wooden shed. It’s a best...
Transformations: Turn That Old Shed into a Women’s Retreat (Or, a She-Shed)
Posted On: 01-02-2017
We work hard, and there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done, whether at the office or around the house. But despite how busy our lives are, we can’t forget to take time for ourselves. Time to unwind and escape that hustle and bustle—or even a noisy TV in the living room. We’ve all heard the term “man cave”—but what about a relaxing, backyard respite for women? With a...
Shed Transformation
Posted On: 12-30-2016
The garage was often the default place where a man would escape for much-needed alone time, whether to tinker with a project, play cards with friends, or even watch a football game. Then came along the notion of a man cave—yes, these can still be in the garage, but they’ve also became part of basement remodels or making use of a child’s bedroom when they move away to college (Come on, Dad! Why...