Flooring Options For Your Outdoor Structure
Posted On: 04-05-2017
Your shed floor doesn’t’ have to be dirty, dingy and cold. There are many ways to upgrade your shed floor so it looks great and is comfortable to walk on. Your shed flooring needs to be durable, dependable and comfortable., but there is no reason why it can’t look good too.   Common Shed Flooring Problems   A cement slab on the floor will be cold to walk on and will likely make the rest of your...
Ways to Maximize Space – Storage Hacks
Posted On: 04-05-2017
There are many benefits to owning a shed including increased storage space, decreased clutter inside your home, and convenient storage of bulky lawn care equipment. However, outdoor sheds can become cluttered and disorganized very quickly. If you are about to purchase a new shed, consider these hacks to maximize space from the very beginning:   Hooks and Pegboards The key to a well organized shed...
Window Boxes For Your Outdoor Structure
Posted On: 04-05-2017
Many homeowners are tired of looking at an old and depressing shed on their property, but they don’t want to spend a lot of money to fix it up. Window boxes are an inexpensive way to spruce up your outdoor structure and make it the envy of the neighborhood.   Since many sheds are used as a playhouse, reading room, or exercise room, window boxes add that pop of life and color that incorporate the...
Space Saving DIY Workbench
Posted On: 03-27-2017
Building a space-saving workbench by yourself adds extra storage and workspace to your garage or shed. Many people are creating additional space saving workbenches to work on craft projects or small household repairs. Most are done over the course of a weekend with little to no stress.   Before Starting DIY Workbench   Plan ahead. Before you start building your workbench, jot down what its...
5 Tips On Using Empty Overhead Space For Storage
Posted On: 03-24-2017
If your family keeps growing, the chances are that the amount of storage you have is decreasing. It’s time to get creative and figure out ways to finally utilize your overhead space for storage. Don’t be alarmed; these simple tips will get you are your way to finding a place for everything. There is something here for every budget and every skill level.   Many types of overhead racks make storing...